WarBirds 2020

WarBirds 2020

MicroProse and iEntertainment Network Inc.,


WarBirds 2020, to be CoPublished with MicroProse.com, continuing to make development progress! Team doing a great job. Here is one of our first updated model for the P-51D Mustang. Have 90 minutes flying this magnificent machine in real life!

Announce Co-Publishing of WarBirds 2020,  Online Combat Flight Simulation

CARY, N.C. – February 20th, 2019 – iEntertainment Network Inc., (OTCBB: IENT) and MicroProse announce agreement for Development and Co-Publishing of the new WarBirds 2020 World War II flight simulation that has been successfully entertaining millions on virtual online pilots since 1995.  The new sim is expected to be released October 2019.

MicroProse was a world-famous simulation software company known for such successful simulation games as Falcon, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Gunship, and many more sim products that sold millions of copies each at retail.

WarBirds 2020 FEATURES

  • Launching for PC/Mac computers fall 2019.
  • Mobile and game system versions to launch in 2020.
  • Brand new graphics system using the Unreal 4 engine.
  • High Detail Cockpits and Aircraft.
  • New technology to map actual physical locations for more realistic simulation.
  • Regular Historical Events are held monthly over large geographical areas like Europe, Japan, and not the small area skirmishes of many other sim games.

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