New Products from iMagic Games Inc.

iMagic Games Inc. and Gamaga presents, Red Crimes.

Red Crimes is a  hidden murder mystery game where the player Focus on the crime solving element of the game. Available for PC and Mac. Play today!

Bow Hunter 2017  East & West Cash Qualifying Tournament

CARY, N.C. – Jan 31, 2018 –iMagic Games Inc.(IMAGIC), announces that a Cash Qualifying Tournament will be held for three days starting on February 2nd to 4th.  Score over 12,000 points, be one of top 5 finishers, and win Cash Gift Card Prizes!  2359 EDT. This Tournament will be played in the Bow Hunter 2017 East & West Mobile Online Hunting game (iOS) and Android.

Each hunting competitor, in the three-day Cash Qualifying Tournament, needs to play 15 different hunts, five different hunts on each Tournament Day, to maximize their total score. Day 1 hunt score was counted once, Day 2 hunt scores were doubled, and Day 3 scores were quadrupled for the final score and player position in the Cash Qualifying Tournament Leaderboard.