M4 Tank Event, Capture the Flag! Sunday August 25th!

Capture the flag, Ground Attack Event!

Sunday, August 25th at 2030 EDT, USA Time!

Dawn of Aces Event! Sunday, August 11th!

Legacy field capture rules with new scoring system. Continuous front line with tactical bases located within ground vehicle range of each other.

Fighters is raging across the Western Front as the Hun pushes relentlessly toward Paris as its final goal. Zeppelins form in squadron formations with Fokkers as escorts to rain fire upon Paris.

Gotha bombers add their fiery bombs to the onslaught as determined Allied fighter Pilots defend their beloved Paris from the assault of the Hun!

The dreaded assault stormtruppen continue to push along the ground hoping for a breakthrough.

Will we hear the sound of jackboots on the Champs-Elysées They shall not pass! The Frenchman calls as he boards his trusty Spad to deal death to the Hun!

The future of France hangs in the balance!

WarSmoke Competition

Squadron Competition Summer 2019

In the Tradition of the USAF A-10 HawgSmoke Competition

Sundays, July 14 21, and 28.

This is a three-night event to determine the Number One Squadron in WarBirds to be held over the Month of July 2019.

The Winner will be the WarSmoke Squadron of the Summer 2019 and win FREE Months of WarBirds!

Squadrons will compete on two sides of a conflict held over three Sunday nights for Free WarBirds Cash and Free WarBirds Months.

Each side will have three fields to capture and hold till the end of the event, which will last two hours, Sunday nights starting at 2030 EDT, on Sunday July 14th, 21st, and July 28th.

WarSmoke Best Squadron Competition

Win FREE WarBirds Cash and WarBirds Months