WarBirds S3 Event: S3#114 – Furball-O-Rama – Air Combat’s Greatest Hits: Bombers over Sicily, 1943

 The S3 begins on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 in the S3 Arena at 8:30 PM Eastern/5:30 PM Pacific. Allied Air Forces (Red) are tasked with attacking specific targets in the preparation for the invasion of Sicily in the first steps to taking Italy out of the Axis sphere. Axis Air Forces (Gold), with diminished forces, must defend their airfields and supply points!

In the opening years of 1943, while Allied Combined forces slowly pushed Axis armies toward the Mediterranean Sea, Churchill and Roosevelt, along with the high command of both armies, met in Casablanca to determine the next step in putting an end to Hitler and his Axis juggernaut. It was during these momentous and turbulent deliberations it was decided that eliminating Germany’s fascist ally, Italy, would isolate Germany and force further strain on the Wehrmacht’s already stretched resources. Thus, was born Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily.

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