WarSmoke Competition Squadron Competition Summer 2017 In the Tradition of the USAF A-10 HawgSmoke Competition
•July 3rd, 2017

This is a three-night event to determine the Number One Squadron in WarBirds to be held over the Month of July 2017.
The Winner will be the WarSmoke Squadron of the Summer 2017 and win FREE Months of WarBirds! Squadrons will compete on two sides of a conflict held over three Sunday nights for Free WarBirds Cash and Free WarBirds Months. Each side will have three fields to capture and hold till the end of the event, which will last two hours, Sunday nights starting at 2000 EDT, on Sunday, July 9th, July 16th, and July 30th.

iEntertainment Network Signs MMA Fighter T.J. Dillashaw
•February 7, 2017

iEntertainment Network Inc., , announced today they have signed a strategic partnership with former UFC® bantamweight champion, T.J. Dillashaw. He is an avid Bow Hunter and sportsman, and a fan of the IENT Bow Hunter game series.

iEntertainment Network Inc. Enters Partnership with Valiant Entertainment
•December 7, 2016

iEntertainment Network Inc.’s TapStar Interactive publishing division announces a new partnership with award-winning comic publisher Valiant Entertainment to produce a real-time match three multi-character battler game for PC and mobile based on Valiant’s rich superhero universe.

TapStar Interactive, a Division of iEntertainment Network Inc., Launches “Boulder Dash® - 30th Anniversary™” on Steam!
•September 14, 2016

TapStar Interactive, a subsidiary of iEntertainment Network Inc., announces the release of Boulder Dash® - 30th Anniversary™ for PC and Mac on Steam, further expanding iEntertainment’s rich portfolio of games.