New Products from iEntertainment Network Inc.

Bow Hunter 2017 November East Cash Prize Tournament

CARY, N.C. – Oct. 28, 2017 –iEntertainment Network Inc., (, announces that a $250 Cash Prize Tournament will be held for three days of the Thanksgiving Holiday, starting on November 24th, with hunts on three days, ending November 26th at 2359 EDT. This cash prize Tournament will be played in the Bow Hunter 2017 East Mobile Online Hunting game (iOS)

Each hunting competitor, in the three-day Cash Prize Tournament, needs to play 15 different hunts, five different hunts on each Tournament Day, to maximize their total score. Day 1 hunt score was counted once, Day 2 hunt scores were doubled, and Day 3 scores were quadrupled for the final score and player position in the Cash Prize Tournament Leaderboard.

IENT has also launched two new Steam products, WarBirds Dogfights 2018 and WarBirds Dawn of Aces 2018. WarBirds 2018 and M4 Tank Brigade continue to grow their Steam audiences with new features and functions coming to M4 Tank Brigade in November.


New WarBirds S3 Event, S3 #106 – December Of Doom - PTO Winter 1941-42

CARY, N.C. – Oct. 28, 2017 – iEntertainment Network Inc (, announces a new S3 Event this Sunday! IENT premier, world famous, combat flight simulation product,

WarBirds 2018, has launched its 2015-2016, Squadron Select Series, (S3), with the next event to begin November 12, 2017, with S3 #106 – December of Doom, 1941.

“The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was just the first of many shocks in the Pacific. To the Allied Nations December 1941 was very bleak indeed. Success at Pearl was followed by Japanese invasions of Malaysia and the Philippines. Everywhere the Allies were in retreat. In the air modern Japanese fighters reigned supreme over obsolete Allied aircraft who had to rely on the bravery of their pilots to triumph. Japan was set to rule the Pacific.”