Cary, NC, August 5, 2015, – iEntertainment Network Inc. (OTCBB “IENT”) announces that M4 Tank Brigade Classic will be launched on Steam on August 11th, 2015. "M4" is a World War II Armored (tank) Simulation for PC. It is the only game on STEAM that concentrates exclusively on commanding multiple WWII armored vehicles in real time on across a large 3D battlefield.  Players command a platoon (4 tanks) to a company battlegroup (15-20+ armored vehicles), plus air and artillery support. A player can even jump into any vehicle in his command net at just the right instant to turn the tide of battle.

The M4 Tank Brigade Classic Steam package includes thousands of single player missions and free online massively multiplayer combat (MMOG) for up to 300 tankers in the same battle.  Both the single player and the MMOG product will be continuously updated monthly with new features and functions based on player suggestions and feedback through the M4 Steam Community.

M4 Tank Brigade joins another world famous IENT product now on STEAM, WarBirds - World War II Combat Aviation (  For $14.99 players get access both to the classic offline single player games thousands of missions and FREE Online play with hundreds of other tankers.

            In order to include the Updated version improvements in the same package as the classic game, IENT is using Steam's Early Access feature so the product can be continuously updated. It includes the finished "classic" version that has been popular online and offline for years. The first new features for the M4 Tank Brigade Updated version are expected in September, 2015.

Unlike most MMOs, where the game community is limited to existing players, M4 Tank Brigade embraces everyone using Steam for their PC gaming, estimated to be over 100 million. This community will help guide the "M4" updates, from user interface to vehicle selection to monetization.

The M4 Tank Brigade team is led by IENT's Director of Game Design, 32-year industry veteran Arnold Hendrick. His first computer tank sim design was the successful and famous M1 Tank Platoon, published in 1989. He has over two dozen other published computer games to his credit, including other famous MicroProse titles such as Gunship, Silent Service II, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Red Storm Rising, Darklands, and co-design of Pirates! with Sid Meier. He has also done a number of virtual world training simulations for the US Army. Mr. Hendrick is an academically trained historian specializing in military history. Players can expect Arnold to regularly participate in M4 Tank Brigade design forums on Steam.

IENT will provide advance access, starting today, to members of the press for M4 Tank Brigade, with Steam keys available on request.   Arnold or IENT CEO, JW “Wild Bill” Stealey, would be glad to schedule a full battle with any reviewers who want try to win a FREE “Kill Bill” T-Shirt from WB!

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