iEntertainment Network Inc., (OTCBB: IENT), announced that Tapstar Interactive is joining IENT 


iEntertainment Network Inc., (OTCBB: IENT), announced that Tapstar Interactive is joining IENT to bring new titles to IENT and help grow IENT as a public company. Tapstar is the publishing division of IENT that has many titles to release over the next year!


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-May 9, 2016

Two New Titles for iEntertainment Network and Tapstar Interactive




iEntertainment Network Inc., (IENT) announces that its publishing division (acquisition in process),Tapstar Interactive, has launched “Kingdom Wars 2: Battles” worldwide and has signed a publishing agreement with the Shanghai, China developer, T-Rex, for the “Immortal Legends” mobile game. This release and signing are part of IENT’s continuing strategy for growing revenues through Tapstar’s publishing operations.

IENT and Tapstar will continue new releases and signings as a series of high profile licenses agreements are in late stages of completion. The Tapstar publishing strategy is to find well-known intellectual properties and release new products to take advantage of established fan bases.


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 -March 8, 2016



iEntertainment Network Announces Winner of October’s Bow Hunter 2015 Cash Prize Tournament



The first Bow Hunter 2015 Cash Prize Tournament was a big success, according to developeriEntertainment Network Inc. (IENT). Players competed through the end of the three-day tournament, with player BobbyK coming out on top and winning $250.00 in Bass Pro Shops gift cards.

In order to win the pot, each participant had to prevail over 15 different hunts in 3 days of fierce online competition (five hunts per day). Day 1 hunt scores were counted once; Day 2 scores were doubled; and Day 3 scores were quadrupled. Consistency, strategy, and superior accuracy defined the winner - who performed admirably over three days to secure the top total score.

IENT will continue to grow its mobile online outdoor franchises with an upcoming Bow Hunter 2016title (due January 2016). The new game will ship with all new hunts, weapons, targets, and a reworked tournament system. Crossbow Hunter 2016 will make its debut in March 2016.


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 -October 28, 2015


IENT Announces M4 Tank Brigade Classic Coming to Steam on August 11th!


Cary, NC, August 5, 2015, – iEntertainment Network Inc. (OTCBB “IENT”) announces that M4 Tank Brigade Classic will be launched on Steam on August 11th, 2015. "M4" is a World War II Armored (tank) Simulation for PC. It is the only game on STEAM that concentrates exclusively on commanding multiple WWII armored vehicles in real time on across a large 3D battlefield.  Players command a platoon (4 tanks) to a company battlegroup (15-20+ armored vehicles), plus air and artillery support. A player can even jump into any vehicle in his command net at just the right instant to turn the tide of battle.

The M4 Tank Brigade Classic Steam package includes thousands of single player missions and free online massively multiplayer combat (MMOG) for up to 300 tankers in the same battle.  Both the single player and the MMOG product will be continuously updated monthly with new features and functions based on player suggestions and feedback through the M4 Steam Community.


M4 Tank Brigade joins another world famous IENT product now on STEAM, WarBirds - World War II Combat Aviation(  For $14.99 players get access both to the classic offline single player games thousands of missions and FREE Online play with hundreds of other tankers.


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 -August 5, 2015


 iEntertainment Network’s Bow Hunter 2015 Now Available on iOS


Tired of “hunting games” more akin to tedious shooting galleries? You’re in luck: iEntertainment Network’s latest game, Bow Hunter 2015, is now available for iOS devices after a successful Android launch earlier this year. Offering hunting enthusiasts a fully-realized 3D world where real bow hunting techniques can be used to maximum effectBow Hunter 2015’s realistic gameplay includes lifelike terrain, camouflage, special arrows, optics, powerful bows -- and more than 200 hunts in locations all over the United States.

In Bow Hunter 2015, players compete for both in-game and real-life cash prizes against some of the top hunters in the world. The game incentivizes players to rely on smarts and advanced bows to hunt a variety of deer -- both for venison and trophies.


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 -July 14, 2015

 Excalibur Crossbows Coming to iEntertainment Network’s Bow Hunter 2015


iEntertainment Network (IENT), the developer of award-winning simulation games, has partnered with Excalibur Crossbow to add Excalibur’s real-world crossbows to iEntertainment’s new action outdoors simulation game, Bow Hunter 2015 for Android and iOS.

The entire line of Excalibur crossbows will be added to Bow Hunter 2015’s online “Pro Shop” with realistic 3D graphics, specifications, and full ballistics for players to purchase and use in-game.

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